—– fast — representative — haptic —–

Marotech (H‑Line)

Our H‑Line pro­duct series made of alu­mi­ni­um allows a super fast assem­bly with gre­at results.
Through the use of fabric cove­rings, a lar­ge, seam­less wall gra­phic is possible!
Inte­gra­ting sto­rage space, illu­mi­na­ting text state­ments and the uncom­pli­ca­ted use of H‑Line up to 5.00 m high — no pro­blem! And the long-distance effect could not be better.

Loca­ti­on: LogiMAT,Stuttgart

Per­for­mance: Trade fair & exhi­bi­ti­on construction

Size: 60 sqm

Year: 2018

Con­cept: grei­we con­cept e.K.