We build ideas

We could write here how long we have been in business. But we don't. What we do, we do with smooth processes. So that everything is on time, just like you thought.

No stress - just good work.

Why we would work with us

01. flow

We rely on each other. And that works so well that together we have developed a flow that is good for us and our projects.

02. quality

We have known our suppliers and their materials for decades. We support the region and maintain our and your quality.

03. craftsmanship

We work with our hands and they are controlled by our heads and teams. Crafting needs dedication and accuracy, then it becomes art.

04. experience

Experience is a value that everyone has. More or less. It's the mix that makes the difference. We are young and old. Experience only brings something if it is passed on.





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Floor Space

Nice. Standing strong.


Realize the future


We build ideas, dreams
and visions.
We also plan, deliver and
and assemble ideas
for the future.


Full service


From conception, planning and handcrafted production to logistics and completion.




Many years of experience, close transparent cooperation and our very precise and clean approach for the highest quality.

We are strong.
Especially in our projects.

Our claim

As a medium-sized company, we want to combine economic success with responsibility for our employees and the environment. All our resources and corporate strategies are geared towards this. 

The world is changing. So are we.

Our understanding of circular economy

In our company, responsibility begins with the planning of all projects. Already in the run-up we pay attention to the optimal use of all means such as material, energy and logistics. And of course we save the chips and wood offcuts to use for heating. In this way, virtually nothing is lost in the cycle.

When purchasing materials, we also pay attention to reusability that is as versatile as possible and also easy on your budget. We recommend you to use reusable systems instead of cultivating a hop and go culture.


Innovative exhibition systems that achieve great results with fabrics are just as much a part of this as floor coverings.

These may well consist of 100% recycled materials: PET bottles, polyester or fishing nets fished from the sea.

We can use floors that are laid in such a way that they can be used for several events. Everything according to your wishes. Of course, we also produce individual one-off pieces for you.

Thanks to our large warehouse and the logistics specialists working there, we are in the fortunate position of being able to plan and carry out all operations ourselves. Over the next few years, we will gradually convert our own vehicle fleet to electric mobility.

We celebrate our customers

Above all for diversity of ideas, working on an equal footing and years of trust.

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