—– retro — classic — nostalgic —–

Volkswagen AG

The world fair for vin­ta­ge, clas­sic & pres­ti­ge cars, motor­sports, motor­cy­cles, spa­re parts, res­to­ra­ti­on and world club mee­ting.

We pre­sent the Volks­wa­gen Group in a com­ple­te exhi­bi­ti­on hall. The Volks­wa­gen Clas­sic and Volks­wa­gen Com­mer­cial Vehi­cles divi­si­ons devo­te them­sel­ves ent­i­re­ly to nost­al­gic flair. Every year, they offer their nume­rous clas­sic fans some­thing for the eye. Climb aboard and dream away.


Loca­ti­on: Tech­no-Clas­si­ca, Essen

Per­for­mance: Tra­de fair & exhi­bi­ti­on construction

Size: 810 sqm

Year: 2019

Con­cept: maedebach