—– well thought-out — sustainable — innovative —–


We manu­fac­tu­re for our cli­ent a high-qua­li­ty exhi­bit fur­ni­tu­re for the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of a sys­tem for the pro­duc­tion of CO2-neu­tral fuel.

In addi­ti­on to 5 moni­tors and various sen­sor tech­no­lo­gy, we inte­gra­te tech­ni­cal com­pon­ents such as LED light lines and com­pu­ter tech­no­lo­gy with acti­ve ven­ti­la­ti­on. The exhi­bit is desi­gned for mul­ti­ple use. Mate­ri­als made from rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als under­line the sustainability.

Loca­ti­on: IAA Mobi­li­ty, Munich

Per­for­mance: DAC Exhibit

Art: Exhi­bit furniture

Year: 2023

Con­cept: N.O.ME Media Production