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Volkswagen AG

The New Pas­sat — A clas­sic in the VW model ran­ge has held its own in the mar­ket for deca­des. The secret lies in its com­pact­ness. Of cour­se, the new Pas­sat also comes with all the latest tech­ni­cal sup­port and gad­gets in terms of equip­ment. The invi­ted press repre­sen­ta­ti­ves and jour­na­lists can con­vin­ce them­sel­ves of this at this tech­no­lo­gy work­shop. The who­le thing will take place at the impres­si­ve REE loca­ti­on in Ham­burg, a for­mer hea­ting plant.

Loca­ti­on: REE Loca­ti­on, Hamburg

Per­for­mance: Events & Congresses 

Size: 950 sqm

Year: 2019

Con­cept: rgbSPACES GmbH