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Real and digi­tal worlds tog­e­ther is not pos­si­ble? Yes it can! The Pop Up Vil­la­ge con­cept crea­tes an inter­play bet­ween the real and digi­tal worlds.
We are buil­ding a ter­race plat­form made of larch planks, a tem­po­ra­ry tent city with a neigh­bour­hood café and a stage for events.

Here, Öffent­li­che Ver­si­che­rung is crea­ting a plat­form for mas­ter topics such as digi­ta­li­sa­ti­on, new work and sustainability.

Loca­ti­on:  Fried­rich-Wil­helm-Platz, BS

Per­for­mance: Events & Congresses 

Size: 240 sqm

Year: 2019