—– loud-mini-corona-compliant —–

Public insurance

Can’t par­ty at the Lock­down? Yes, you can.
In a pho­ne booth in Braunschweig.

Yes, sir. Bet­ter said: not in any pho­ne booth, but in the pop-up dis­co. Go in, pick your favo­ri­te song, and esca­la­te. Like, for real. But in a coro­na-com­pli­ant way.

And let’s face it, it has its advan­ta­ges. Free admis­si­on, nobo­dy pushes. Sor­ry. That’s all you can do in pan­de­mic times. We will rock you!

Loca­ti­on:  Fried­rich-Wil­helm-Platz, BS

Per­for­mance: Events & Congresses 

Size: 6,5 sqm

Year: 2020

Con­cept: even­ti­ves GmbH