—– exciting — wet — extraordinary —–

Volkswagen AG

The VW ID.5 GTX is pre­sen­ted on the water

Sounds stran­ge — but it’s just cool! We pre­sent Volks­wa­gen AG’s new elec­tric car to the press in a pool of water. On the grounds of the “Lan­gen Foun­da­ti­on” in Neuss, the for­mer NATO mis­sile base, we imple­ment the pro­ject, build the view­box and con­ce­al the graphics.

Ele­gant, strong, efficient.

Our team and your car.

Loca­ti­on: Lan­gen Foun­da­ti­on, Neuss

Per­for­mance: Events & Congresses

Size: 88 m³

Year: 2021

Con­cept: SMART MINDS GmbH