—– exciting — informative — didactic —–


We rea­li­zed the new exhi­bi­ti­on “Pio­neers — 40 Years of Volks­wa­gen in Chi­na” in the Group Forum of the Auto­stadt.

Vehic­le exhi­bits, gra­phics and mul­ti­me­dia enter­tain visi­tors.

The exhi­bi­ti­on shows exci­ting facts and back­ground infor­ma­ti­on on the past, pre­sent and future of Volks­wa­gen in China.

Loca­ti­on: Auto­stadt, Wolfsburg

Per­for­mance: Exhi­bi­ti­on construction

Size: 420 sqm

Year: 2024

Con­cept: NEST ONE GmbH